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Shri Khodaldham Trust-Kagwad has built a temple of excellent sculpture near Kagwad village in Jetpur taluka of Rajkot district.

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Khodaldham is inspiring, elegant and beautiful in every way, Check out our facilities.

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In the temple of Shri Khodaladham, an idol of 20 other deities along with Ma Khodal has been installed. A total of 650 statues have been erected from Mandovar to the summit of the temple. The statue of Dhartiputra Patel has been placed in the temple in the Patel panel in the temple area. Shri Khodaldham is the only temple whose artistic Patel panel has been placed in the world. Shri Khodladham Temple is the first such temple in the world whose national flag is rotating at its entrance.

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