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The historical city of Saurashtra is Junagadh which is located only 48 km from Khodaldham Temple. Besides the Mount Girnar in Junagadh, there are many sights including Damodar Kund, Shakkarbagh zoo, Mahobat mausoleum, Willingdon dam, Ashok inscription, Upkot, Navaghan well, Adi-Kadi Vav, Khapra-Kodia cave, Swaminarayan temple.


One of the four religions of Hinduism is Dwarka in Saurashtra. The temple of  dwarkadish is situated. People come from far away to see the Drarkadhish. Dwarka distance from Khodaldham Temple is 229 kms.

Gir Nation Park(Junagadh)

Gir forest is located 105 km from Khodaldham Temple. Asiatic lions inhabit the Gir forest, stretched for miles. Gir forest in Gujarat is the best option for getting lost in the peace of mind and nature.

Tulshi Shyam(Amreli)

A place of joyful nature in the picturesque forests of Gir, Tulsi Shyam. Goddess Vishnu and Vrinda, the masters of Tulsi, offer Tulsi Shyam. The glory of bathing in this kund is immeasurable. The distance from Khodaldham Temple to Tulsishyam is 129 km.

Jalaram Temple

Sattadhar is a religious place of Viswadar taluka of Junagadh. The place of Sattadhar consists of Hanuman Temple, Shiva Temple, Apagiga Cemetery and the mausoleums of the mahantas of the place. The ritual often run through the year . A large number of devotees are visting to see  the scene at Sattadhar. The distance from Sattadhar to Kodaldham Temple is 80 km.


There are 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva in India, the first of which is Somnath in Saurashtra, Gujarat. The distance of the Somnath Temple from Khodaldham Temple is 140 km. Somnath Gurgaon is a magnificent temple situated on the coast of Saurashtra in the state of Gujarat.

Jalaram Temple
Porbandar City(Gandhiji's Birth Place)

Porbandar is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. Since Porbandar is the birthplace of Gandhiji, tourists from all over the country , abroad,visit here. Apart from Kirtimandir, which is the birthplace of Gandhiji in Porbandar, there are sights such as Taramandir, Sudama Temple.


Saint Devidas of Saurashtra established Parabhadam in the jungles of Junagadh. Apart from Saint Devidas, there is also the memory of the grandfather of Dada Meklan - Dhulio of Sidul Pir, Samadhi of Parabkund, Karamanpir and Danevpir. The distance from the Khodaldham Temple to Parabhadar is 36 km.

Jalaram Temple
Osam Mountain(Rajkot)

To go to Osam Dugar, one has to cut the distance of 55 km from Khodaldham Temple. In Patanavav village of Dhoraji taluka, a large number of tourists go to enjoy the natural beauty of Mount Osam known as Mount Abu. Pandavas are believed to have settled here. In the temple built on the hill, the swing of Hidimba  and lunch dish of Bhim is there. Automatic anointing on Shivling continue in Shiva temple on the hill.

Jalaram Temple

This Hill Station is located 36 km from Khodaldham Temple. On the hill is the ancient temple and ancient fort of Mahakali Mataji. Gondal is located only 13 km from National Highway.

Jalaram Temple

he distance from Jodhpur city to Khodaldham temple is only 15 km. The famous Swaminarayan Temple is located in Jetpur. Apart from this, the temple of Githudi Hanuman and Bhidbhanjan Mahadev is located. Besides, Jetpur is also known for the industry of sarees.


Gondal is located 25 km from Khodaldham Temple. The Gondal houses the famous temple of the BAPS. The temple of the famous Bhubaneswar mother of Gujarat is also located in Gondal. Ghoghavadar, 6 km from Gondal, also has a temple of Dasani Jivan.

Jalaram Temple
Buddhist Cave(Khambhalida)

The village of Khambhalida is situated about 3 km from Khodaldham Temple.

Jalaram Temple
Jalaram Temple(Virpur)

The famous Jalaram Bapu Temple is situated in the village of Virpur, seven and a half kilometers away from the Khodaldham Temple.

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