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Mode of Transportation
By RoadBy Road
By Road

The distance is 14 km from Jetpur, 63 km from Rajkot, 48 km from Junagadh. Private vehicles and government buses are available to reach the temple. On the National Highway coming from Rajkot, turn from Kagavad village board on the National Highway to Kagvad. On coming from Junagadh, 

we should turn from Kagavad village board to Kagvad village, coming between Jetpur and Virpur. The distance from the National Highway to Khodaldham Temple is only 4 km.

By RailwayBy Railway
By Railway

The nearest railway station from Khodaldham Temple is Virpur and Jetpur. The Jetpur (Nawagadh) railway station is covered by 14.5 km while it is 8.6 km from Virpur railway station. The temple can be reached by any private vehicle from the train station.

By AirBy Air
By Air

The nearest airport from Khodaldham Temple is Rajkot Airport (64.8 km). From the Rajkot Airport you can reach Khodal Dham Temple by road or by rail.

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Distance to various places from Khodaldham Temple:

Junagadh - 48 km

Rajkot- 63 km

Sasan-Gir - 105 km

Porbandar-126 km

Somnath- 143 km

Palitana - 159 km

Bhavnagar- 174 km

Dwarka - 229 km

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