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Campus Facility


- A total of 16 gajbas, one gajbah can accommodate 50 people.


- A kind of arrangement where up to 150 visitors can sit and have breakfast.
- Salk, cold drinks, chocolate, hot snacks, dry snacks.

Shakti van

- Shaktivan has been constructed near Shri Khodaldham temple premises by Gujarat Government.
- Shaktivan is spread over 7.50 hectares of land. According to Vedas, Shastras and Upanishads, more than 83 thousand small and big trees have been planted in Shaktivan.
- Visitors coming to Shri Khodaldham temple sit in this Shaktivan and enjoy van bhojan with their family.

Prashad Ghar

- Prasad devotees can buy shrifal, chundadi, sukhadi, agarbatti, chhabi, shri yantra to carry Mataji from home.
- Foolscap books, stickers, ball pens, bags and other items are also available from the prashad ghar.

The Entrance

The Temple

Admin Office

- The entire temple premises are managed from the admin office
- Admin office has inquiry window, donation and subscription window
- There is also a trustee office, chairman's office, CCTV monitoring room and conference hall.

Yagya Shala

- According to the scriptures, this Yagya shala is built on a length of 50 feet and a width of 50 feet as well as 24 pillars.
- There is an arrangement in the yajna school that about 100 people can sit together and perform yajna



- Two food pantries where more than 500 devotees can sit and eat together
- A perfect arrangement for the devotees coming to the temple to have lunch and dinner


- An arrangement that can seat 2000 people at a time
- Religious and social occasions like Katha, Satah, Dior, Wedding, Engagement, Reception, Birthday Celebrations can be celebrated.

Satsang Hall

- Arrangement that can seat about 400 devotees at a time
- Satsang Hall hosts programs including Dhun, Bhajan, Kirtan, Katha, Meeting, Snehmilan, Dhwaja Pujan

Temple Campus Activity:
  • A flag is hoisted four times daily by devotees at the peak of Khodaldham temple. Before hoisting the flag, worship of Dhawaji is done, then Samaya of Dhawaji is performed and the flag is offered to Mataji and the flag is hoisted on the peak of the temple.
  • Yagya is performed by devotees in Yagyasala.
  • Devotees decorate varieties of ornamental apparel and prasad thal to Mataji every day.
  • Every year on Maa Khodiyar Jayanti, Annakot is offered to Maa Khodal.
  • In Chaitri Navaratri, Devotional songs are performed by women, also decoration of rangoli and fruits ha been done.
  • During Aso Navratri, religious rituals like yagya, flag hoisting are celebrated in the temple premises for nine days. A foot march is being organized up to Khodaldham temple on first day of Navratri.
  • Festivals like Janmashtami, Diwali, Holi, Dhuleti etc. are being celebrated with high enthusiasm
  • National festivals such as republic day and independence day are also being celebrated with astonishing adornment in the premises.

Celebrating social and religious occasions like katha, folks programmes, weddings, engagements, birthdays, marriage anniversaries, snehmilans in amphitheatre and party plots.

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