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Campus Facility


- A total of 16 gajbas, one gajbah can accommodate 50 people.


- A kind of arrangement where up to 150 visitors can sit and have breakfast.
- Salk, cold drinks, chocolate, hot snacks, dry snacks.

Shakti van

- Shaktivan has been constructed near Shri Khodaldham temple premises by Gujarat Government.
- Shaktivan is spread over 7.50 hectares of land. According to Vedas, Shastras and Upanishads, more than 83 thousand small and big trees have been planted in Shaktivan.
- Visitors coming to Shri Khodaldham temple sit in this Shaktivan and enjoy van bhojan with their family.

Prashad Ghar

- Prasad devotees can buy shrifal, chundadi, sukhadi, agarbatti, chhabi, shri yantra to carry Mataji from home.
- Foolscap books, stickers, ball pens, bags and other items are also available from the prashad ghar.

The Entrance

The Temple

Admin Office

- The entire temple premises are managed from the admin office
- Admin office has inquiry window, donation and subscription window
- There is also a trustee office, chairman's office, CCTV monitoring room and conference hall.

Yagya Shala

- According to the scriptures, this Yagya shala is built on a length of 50 feet and a width of 50 feet as well as 24 pillars.
- There is an arrangement in the yajna school that about 100 people can sit together and perform yajna



- Two food pantries where more than 500 devotees can sit and eat together
- A perfect arrangement for the devotees coming to the temple to have lunch and dinner


- An arrangement that can seat 2000 people at a time
- Religious and social occasions like Katha, Satah, Dior, Wedding, Engagement, Reception, Birthday Celebrations can be celebrated.

Satsang Hall

- Arrangement that can seat about 400 devotees at a time
- Satsang Hall hosts programs including Dhun, Bhajan, Kirtan, Katha, Meeting, Snehmilan, Dhwaja Pujan

Facilities in the temple premises:

Huge RCC parking has been made for vehicle parking in which up to 350 two-wheeler and up to 350 four-wheeler vehicles can be parked.

- Free wheelchairs, e-rickshaws, golfers, ambulances and primary health facilities are available for senior citizens and disabled visitors.

- Free tea and water is provided in the tea house for the visitors. Thousands of devotees are given tea at home every day.

- Prasad Ghar has been built to provide prasad for carrying.

- Breakfast canteens feature self-catering fast-food fast food. Snack foods include cold drinks, hot snacks, snacks, etc. Fast-food is available.

- Two time meals are arranged at token rate at Annapurnalaya. In the Annapurna, pure and pure food is served to the devotees.

- Pure cold water facilities, toilets and bathrooms

- 18 yards has been constructed for the visitors to sit on.

- Different rides are placed in Crazy World.

- A large lawn area has been set up for the devotees to sit quietly in which the colorful flowers, plants have been grown.

- Shaktiwan is built by the Government of Gujarat in the courtyard of Khodaldham.

- Satsang hall, amphitheater and party plot arrangements

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