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Shri Khodaladham Student Committee gave the gift of 100 Government servants in the year of 2019
February 4, 2020

The grand honor of receiving 100 jobs is a government job
Honoring 100 Taralas of Shri Khodladham Student Committee
In the year 2019, Shri Khodaldham Student Committee prepared 100 Government servants
100 students got government jobs in 2019 and illuminated the name of the Khodaldham family

Shri Khodaladham Trust-Kagavad and Shri Sardar Patel Cultural Foundation Youth Wing Shri Khodaldham Student Committee
Competitive Exam Training Classes have been running since 2012. Which is benefiting a large number of youths. Mr.
After getting training from the Khodaldham Student Committee, several students pass the job by passing the examination of the government department every year
Fetch. Then in 2019, to honor a total of 100 student brothers and sisters selected in Government department
A grand mausoleum of Rajkot is being held on Sunday, December 22 from 5 to 8 pm on Sunday.
Satyam party loans were made on Main Road. This was organized by Shri Khodladham Student Committee
Students were also honored along with the students in the presence of the guests of the society at the awards ceremony.
More than 7,000 people attended the awards ceremony and greeted the students.
The opening ceremony of the honors ceremony was held under the chairmanship of Shri Khodaldham Trust Chairman Mr. Nareshbhai Patel.
Was made explicitly. Shri Sardar Patel Cultural Foundation President Harshadbhai Malani was present
People were literally welcomed. With a total of 100 student brothers and sisters selected in government jobs after the reception
By giving the image of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to his parents, family, Nareshbhai Patel and other guests
Were honored. Of the total 100 students honored, 84 were selected in the police department, of which 30 were sisters
Included. While the remaining 16 students took DYSO, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Drunkenness and Excise
Appointed in other departments, including the department, has increased the pride of society and family. Anthem at the end of the program
And the khodal was done by turning on the flashlight in the mobile.
All the students who are honored to get government jobs by getting training from Shri Khodaldham Student Committee
Brothers and sisters defeated their mentor, Shri Nareshbhai Patel, and offered the statue of Panchdhatu to Ma Khodal.
Was honored. Shri Sardar Patel Cultural Foundation President, Harshadbhai Malani
Pishri also honored Sanjaybhai Padariya and Sanjaybhai Khakriya by offering a statue of Panchdhatu to Maa Khodal.
The honored sisters honored Mr. Nareshbhai Patel and Mr. Sanjaybhai Pastor by offering a picture.
Nareshbhai Patel, mentor of the youth and chairman of Shri Khodaldham Trust, congratulated the students.
It is a matter of pride and pleasure for me that a large number of students have been selected in government jobs. Day- night and night
Nareshbhai Patel congratulates all the youths selected in the government job as they move forward in their field.
Prayer .. Nareshbhai Patel said that following the goal that we have set, we can make it successful.
And give every opportunity to society as well. Let us work together by maintaining the same emotions and feelings
And praying in the footsteps of the scourge to help the smallest man ..
Shri Chandbhai Virani has further strengthened the power of the organization by giving more to the society than occasional addressing in the program.
Said to be helpful. Shri Leuva Patel Guest House, Somnath Veraval Trustee Kamlannanbhai Sojitra
In his address, Shri Sardar Patel informed about the activities going on at the Cultural Foundation as well as the Shri Khodaldham Trust.
Also talked about upcoming projects. When Sanjaybhai Pastor founded Shri Khodaldham Student Committee and
Talked about activities with the 3P (Police, Journalist) who are working with the purpose of Shri Khodaladham Student Committee.
And Politics) theory.

Honorary Trustees of Shri Khodaldham Trust, Shri Sardar Patel Cultural Foundation Trustees, Shri
Leuva Patel Samajithi Bhavan Trustees, donors, Shri Khodaldham Trust Conveyors of Gujarat, Co
Conveners, Khodaladham Women's Committee, Khodaladham Student Committee Members, Social Group Members, Leuva Patel Society
Congratulations to the students, who attended more than 7,000 people, including members of the family and the organization, who have been with the surname.
Were sent.
If you want to get a government job by passing the upcoming competitive exam next time: Contact
Shri Khodaldham Student Committee, Sardar Patel Bhawan, New Myaninagar, Chandrashnagar against water stitches, Malviyanagar
Police stationed street, Mawadi, Rajkot
Mo. No- 7405469239

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