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Tashan, technology and trust means ‘Generation Y’
February 4, 2020

A senior professor of mine was on a trip to Japan a few years ago. He bought a toy from there,
Who was flying the key. They didn't exactly fly and toyed with a five-year-old child
The eyes blew. Her mother was caring for her baby boy and her father ran
Came to a friend He did not quarrel and spoke very quietly, "Bring me your lesson
Why the toy is about to blow up. " An investigation revealed that World War II
Then the Japanese generation of grown-ups do not get angry for knowing the consequences of anger. The generation varies
With it his qualities also vary. Is. The generation of children born from 1980 to 2000
Says 'Generation Y'. They are also referred to as 'Millennials'. Of these youths
Ideas and features are quite unique.
A man just tries to know his quality or specialty before buying anything.
Before buying a mobile, its features, its mileage before buying a car, pickup etc.
To be The company also looks at its features before hiring young people. Just as you read the resume
About the application's growth and potential. Habits of small-town youth and
The habits of young people in Metro City are almost the same. Due to the rapid spread of technology
Generation is short-lived. Twenty-year-old changing generations now change from ten to twelve years
One businessman asked me: "Why do you think today's generation is difficult to handle? There are young people
Smarter, too, than they think they are. "Now explain to them why tuition, technology and trust
Synchronization is 'Generation Y'. It seems difficult to explain to this generation because of being in tension
Guess what. Not only are they prepared for the consequences of the work they do. The previous
Like the maids, they feared leaving their jobs or contracting. Taking a bicycle
Not a college-going generation tries to make a status out of college itself. 'Generation Y'
Financially viable compared to the previous generation. Make money through small projects
The skill is with 'Millennials'. Their tuition is such that no problem can defeat them.
They continue to learn the new 'Nothing is Impossible' idea. As well as the gender differences of women or men
But don't bother them. The girls also drive and operate the machine.

Today's technology is all about technology. The technology that made the previous generation
They are technological for 'Generation Y' grown using technology. Computer, mobile,
Other technology like the Internet is a game thing for them. From school to college, they are many
Have already used and created gadgets. They just happen when the time is up
Updates not only the mobile itself. Binding them to work in the office and uniforms
Doesn't have to. This generation belongs to the freestyle workers. Google also knows the time in his office
Garden and Swimming Pool. New blood does work, but no time constraints
Not keeping.
If a person has faith in himself then the world can be won. Listened to in many major lectures
This is something that this generation has brought to life. 'Generation Y' has a trust on its own. They know that
According to his skill, he will get work. This generation is not going to snoop on a small puddle
Swimming in the sea. It will not be tied to anyone and set a career by compromising
Not at all. People should change their perspective of looking at them. Work if one owns the price
No, but if trust is placed on them, this generation will surely understand the value of humanity.
The new generation of young people who live among them will know that young people have more qualities than bad ones.
'Generation Y', we must continue to fly with new eyes, new dreams and new wings.

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